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The Appeal of the Sports Car

Even though the news is full of stories of economic hardship, there remains a pre-occupation with the finer things in life. Even those who might never afford these luxury items spend an inordinate amount of time watching television programs and reading magazines about five-star restaurants, multi-million dollar mansions, fabulous luxury vacations, and the ever-popular sports car.

sportscarWhile there are a variety of definitions available for the term “sports car,” the term is usually referring to a lightweight vehicle that sits low to the ground and has an extremely powerful engine. Most are two-door, two-seaters with rear-wheel drive and provide more precise handling and faster acceleration rates. They are also usually much more aesthetically pleasing than other vehicle types.

It is the mechanical performance and the physical beauty that are the big attractions in a sports car. Fuel economy and passenger space are far down the list of important features for a sports car. Instead superior maneuverability, road handling, and high power are premium. Many popular sports car brands have established reputations as race cars which add to the cachet of owning such a vehicle.

Of course, it is possible to get sports car performance from a more mundane vehicle. “Tricking” or “Pimping” a car with a more powerful engine and improving its performance features is a popular pastime in many parts of the world. And some people will stretch the definition so that they can list a sports car for sale that is really a muscle car, sport compact, or hot hatch. Latching onto the sports car image improves the marketability and price of these lesser cars.

Many of the better sports cars and racing cars used by American racers aren’t available in the US or Canada. This is due to stricter safety regulations than are in place in Europe, the UK, and the Middle East.