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Following your True Calling in Photography

Following your true calling in photography is not as simple as changing careers. Unlike retraining to become a computer technician, for instance, photography is an art, one that you need to go after with all of your creative spirit. If you think you have it in you to become a photographer, go after it and don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal. To improve your skills as you go, consider taking photography classes at New Mexico universities.

The first thing to do is to get a good camera. Even professional photographers use digital these days. Buy one that’s in your price range. Look around online for recommendations of good, inexpensive cameras if you’re on a tight budget.

Once you’ve got a camera, it’s time to start shooting. As a general rule, shoot as often as you can. The only way to get good at taking pictures is to do it frequently and to critique your own work. Shoot different locations and subjects, and shoot in different conditions. Instructors at New Mexico universities will tell you that taking pictures at night is very different than during the day. Experiment and find the material and time of day that you’re most comfortable with.

One important reason to take pictures on your own is so that you can assemble your own portfolio. If you want to get into a photography program at a college or university, you’ll likely be required to submit a portfolio detailing your work. Consider arranging your best photographs according to theme. For example, you might assemble a series of photos of bridges throughout your city or town. Give the series a name, such as “Crossing Bridges,” and write a short explanation about what you were trying to accomplish.

Whether you get accepted into photography programs at New Mexico Universities, Austin, Texas or elsewhere, you can continue following your true calling by extending your experience in photography. Once you have found your own voice, it can still help to read up on what others have done in the field. Go to your local library and find some books about photography to get tips as you become more and more expert. Even better, visit local galleries when photography exhibits are showing. You might be surprised at how inspired and influenced you can become by looking at the work of some famous photographers. In the end, remember that photography is an art. Pursue it because you love it.