The Appeal of the Sports Car

Even though the news is full of stories of economic hardship, there remains a pre-occupation with the finer things in life. Even those who might never afford these luxury items spend an inordinate amount of time watching television programs and reading magazines about five-star restaurants, multi-million dollar mansions, fabulous luxury vacations, and the ever-popular sports […]

Your Hobby Car’s Optimal Performance

When I checked my repair manual for manufacturers recommendations I found that it was just fine to wait for the my oil gauge to register that it was time to add new oil.  However, I always wondered if I should fill it regularly to keep at the maximum level.  Since my college days a Mustang […]

Unique Hobby: Restoring Classic Cars

Drivers all around the world indulge in the challenging process of restoring classic cars. Classic car enthusiasts are a distinct breed of drivers that love the challenge of converting a broken-down heap of junk to a purring mechanical masterpiece. What Drives the Passion? Most people can identify with the satisfaction of creating something from nothing, […]

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Every time you leave your house you check it for safety. Is everything turned off? Are the windows closed? Is the alarm turned on and the doors locked? The same reasoning should apply to your car. The top 10 cities for car theft include Modesto, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Stockton, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Visalia, California; […]

Repair Manuals Help With Regular Auto Maintenance

There are many reasons to have car manuals around your garage.  Home car repair is affordable for one and two, you are able to keep a better eye the over condition of your vehicle.  If you own a Ford Explorer, repair manual will help when it comes time to change the oil, or even change […]

Tips for Off-Road SUV Excursions

Many of the SUVs that are on the market are today, although they are suited for the off road terrain, it is best to stay in the existing roadways.  This helps with not only protected one’s life, and one’s vehicle,  but the landscape and the environment as well.  There are a few tips for staying […]

Nitto Tires Wins Endurance Race

Nitto Tire and Team Achilles Motorsports recently competed in the world’s longest endurance race: the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The race requires teams to drive throughout the night for 25 hours straight. At the end of 25 hours the team with the most laps is declared the winner. The team campaigned a BMW M3 in […]