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Throwing a Themed Birthday Party – Great Birthday Ideas

A themed party is a great way for parents to put on a birthday bash for their child that is fun and full of personal touches. Coming up with great birthday ideas can be a little frustrating, especially if parents want to create a party that is unique and avoid things like commercial decorations, pricey venues, and professional entertainers.

A lot of parents prefer to start with what their child enjoys for kids birthday party ideas. This doesn’t have to mean a party based on their favorite TV series or movie either. Children who enjoy music may like a music themed party, for example. For younger children, this might mean a sing-along, complete with instruments made at the party or given out as favors. Older kids may like a dance party with a playlist of their favorite tunes. A child’s interest in dinosaurs or fairies, baking or hockey, astronomy or the wild west can easily be turned into a fun and unique party. Plus, it ensures the birthday girl or boy will thoroughly enjoy themselves. What about sports is your kid a big sports fan.  Can you have a hoops party, or a baseball themed party.

Parents having trouble coming up with unique kids birthday party ideas may want to consider the season of their child’s birthday. The warm weather of summer means the possibility of a “beach” party right in the backyard. Invitees can be encouraged to wear their swimsuits and bring a towel for water games, while foods and music are all tropical themed. Springtime is a good time for a garden party. The party can be held at a local arboretum (most provide free kid-friendly tours when asked) and activities might include planting vegetables the kids can then take home as favors. Fall is a good time for a party at a pick-your-own apple orchard or pumpkin patch. A winter-themed party could incorporate anything from an abominable snowman hunt to building actual snowmen, if the weather is agreeable. For ideas on home sports equipment visit

One of the easiest ways to pull a theme together is to coordinate the details to fit the central idea. Making kingly cupcakes for a royal birthday or spreading out gold coins and other booty for little pirates may seem like a small detail, but these touches add up to make the theme complete. If games are part of the day, old children’s party favorites like musical chairs and relay races can be modified to work with the chosen theme. It isn’t difficult to make everything down to the paper plates and streamers match the rest of the party, but the results will be impressive.

It might take a little thought, but finding great birthday ideas that are themed, different, and exciting shouldn’t be impossible. For parents it can be a chance to let their creativity loose while making sure their birthday kid has a memorable day.

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2 thoughts on “Throwing a Themed Birthday Party – Great Birthday Ideas

  1. Excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas! Sometimes it can be hard to get started and pick the right theme but once you have decided it’s only of matter of keeping your creativity within your budget. At the end of the day the most important thing is that your child has a fun birthday that they can look back on for the rest of the their life.

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