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Everyday Uses for Maps

USA MapRoad maps are essential for navigating on long car trips and world maps can be used to teach about other countries and to get a sense of the geography of the planet. There are actually other ways to use maps that have little to do with their original purpose. Many involve some crafting skills and all involve using the imagination to unlock new uses for maps.

Home decor is a great place to start. Instead of wallpaper, homeowners can use maps to cover walls, ceilings, and doors. This works best with larger sized maps, to cut down on the time and work involved. Smaller maps can be used to cover objects, such as lampshades , tabletops, even chairs and bookcases. More imaginative uses in this category include covering ceiling fan blades, window shades, and headboards.

Another great use forcity maps is small craft projects for kids. These make great after school activities or fun for a snow day. Kids can use maps as origami paper or to make book or notebook covers. They can make a set of placemats out of old maps or take one map and cut it up into a puzzle for their friends to solve. The best activity may be simply giving kids a bunch of maps and some craft supplies and letting them do whatever they can imagine.

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