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Irish Face Masks – Made in USA

Irish Face Masks, made in USA. Beautifully made with meticulous attention to detail, from the fabric to the stitching finish we want you to love our masks. Our Irish face masks are our most popular product. Our Irish Masks are made to order. They are made to match the flag of the county and the country with county coat of arms and adherence to an accurate depiction of that county. Our products are environmentally friendly mostly made from recycled fabric washable and reusable. There are now more disposable masks in the sea than jelly fish. In an effort to protect ourselves and others we should also think of the other species we share this planet with.

The internet is saturated with Face Masks it is important to buy from a reputable source. All our masks are triple layer with a non-woven middle layer for better protection also with metal nose band for a better fit. Cloth Face coverings are non-medical grade and are not a substitute for N-95 medical grade masks. CDC recommends use of Face Masks in all situations where social distancing is not possible. A generous amount of Elastic is provided to ensure you can adjust to a great fit. Check out how we make our masks in more detail here.

Feedback from our customers

I love my Mayo masks and they loved them in Ireland too.

Marion New York

Thank You! Thank You.. Finally a mask which doesn’t just fit perfectly but is very comfortable to wear. I don’t know what you did to come up with these but you are a genius.

Patty Scottsdale

We Love our masks. So comfortable and well made. Kids love them they have been pretending to be Spiderman since they got them. Thank You they want to wear these.

Lily New York

These masks are just fabulous. The comfort the fabric the attention to detail best I have tried.

Valerie New York

The most comfortable mask I have worn. The cotton is so soft and I can breath even in 110 degrees. I am going to order more and tell everybody to check out your masks.

Amy Scottsdale

The fact that I can breathe and feel comfortable in 110 degrees means you have my business as long we need these masks.

Dani Scottsdale

Such good quality compared to the masks I got earlier on off the Internet. – They arrived in 3 days.

Dylan Scottsdale

The masks are so comfortable and breathable. They wash perfectly and the detail is amazing. The attention to detail down to the thread used to sew the masks is simply amazing for the price. You could only get this detail in a handmade mask.

Tara – Los Angeles