Your Hobby Car’s Optimal Performance

carWhen I checked my repair manual for manufacturers recommendations I found that it was just fine to wait for the my oil gauge to register that it was time to add new oil.  However, I always wondered if I should fill it regularly to keep at the maximum level.  Since my college days a Mustang engine burning up on the freeway, and of always having a case of oil in my Volkswagen bus, oil levels are something I pay attention to with diligence.  The engine parts are lubricated and cooled as oil circulates through, and with a lifetime spent driving older cars with high mileage, I have come to realize just how incredibly important this is.

Add to that I live in an unbearable hot city during the summer, Phoenix, Arizona.  And the environmental heat combined with the heat of the engine makes this one car maintenance routing that is necessary to keep an eye on.  If the levels reach one quart under, this can serve to cause engine wear and tear and put you at risk of burning out that engine.  Never should oil be over filled.  This is a case of too much of a good thing, being a bad thing.  The crankcase will become too full and as it spins it will splatter oil into a foam.  It may also result in leakage as the gaskets and the seals will become overwhelmed.

When it becomes time to do an oil change, and you decide that you want to do this yourself, never do it when the engine is hot.  Hot oil creates horrible burns.  It is always recommended that you find a safe place to do that oil change, such as on level and solid ground.  This way your car will be safely jacked up, because you will need to get a bit dirty, and you will need to be under your car to change out the oil.  Make sure that all the tools you will be needing are close at hand, and then you are ready to go.  Changing your own oil and doing your own automotive repair is one way to save a bit of money.  Plus, by working on your own car you will become familiar with all the quirks and the next necessary fix-its that are required.  For more information click here