DIY Alternative Energy on the Rise

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Now that hybrid cars have gone from fad to yesterday’s news, everyone wonders what the next big “green” thing will be? Will it be the new completely electric car? Or the installation of wind generators by businesses? Is it companies taking zero waste pledges? Or is it the rise in green collar jobs? Maybe there… Continue reading DIY Alternative Energy on the Rise

Throwing a Themed Birthday Party – Great Birthday Ideas

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A themed party is a great way for parents to put on a birthday bash for their child that is fun and full of personal touches. Coming up with great birthday ideas can be a little frustrating, especially if parents want to create a party that is unique and avoid things like commercial decorations, pricey… Continue reading Throwing a Themed Birthday Party – Great Birthday Ideas

Unique Hobby: Restoring Classic Cars

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Drivers all around the world indulge in the challenging process of restoring classic cars. Classic car enthusiasts are a distinct breed of drivers that love the challenge of converting a broken-down heap of junk to a purring mechanical masterpiece. What Drives the Passion? Most people can identify with the satisfaction of creating something from nothing,… Continue reading Unique Hobby: Restoring Classic Cars

Craft Businesses Need Software

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The rapid changes within technology mean that craft businesses also need updated software that can cater to the needs and demands of their business. Traditional Craftsmen versus Modern Craftsmen Traditional craftsmen usually relied on local trade as a means to communicate with their customers and suppliers. However, globalization and large scale craftsmen businesses means that… Continue reading Craft Businesses Need Software

Crafting for the Holidays

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When the holiday season rolls around, so does the perfect time for crafting. Given that there will be many decorations to put up and lots of presents to give, this time of year is where crafters shine the most. Buying decorations from retail stores can get rather expensive, so it’s much more frugal to simply… Continue reading Crafting for the Holidays

The Art of Crochet

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Software is Transforming Medicine

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The digital age is alive and well and taking over every corner of the world. What started with a simple desktop computer has now mushroomed into a host of devices that make information, communication, and entertainment more easily accessible. It is also in the process of revolutionizing the way companies conduct business. And all those… Continue reading Software is Transforming Medicine