Lap Band Surgery in Mexico

Lap band surgery is where a small pouch is created in the upper area of the stomach, whereby the patient feels full without having to eat in excess. This procedure is done on obese patients who are not affected by customary dieting procedures. Lap band surgery is done without cutting the stomach or using staples, as found in conventional gastric bypass surgery. In this case, a gastric band is placed through tiny incisions in the abdomen and placed around the upper area of stomach. The band has a balloon inside that adjusts to reduce the stomach size and that can be inflated or deflated at any time after the operation, depending on weight loss goals.

Because Mexico is such a strong option for medical tourism, many patients choose to have their surgery done in a Mexican hospital as medical care is so cost effective. Because lap band surgery is done under general anesthesia, lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour and because the procedure requires a short hospital stay, patients are delighted to have lap band surgery abroad in Mexico and then to use their extra time to visit the many beautiful sights in this country. With savings up to 60% of what would be required in the United States, patients are able to afford a lovely vacation after their surgery.

Historic Highways Better with Custom Wheels


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All of the car shows better start expecting me since I cruise around the United States every spring.