There’s an Art to Making Coffee

If you’re not a coffee drinker you may not realize that to many people there is an art to brewing coffee. It may seem insane to you that people actually spend hours debating the differences between french press and drip coffee machines and the merits of whole bean coffee versus ground — though most coffee snobs will be firmly on the side of fresh roasted whole beans to make the perfect brew.

The rise of the barista in the last few decades has taken the art of coffee to a new level. There are actually competitions for baristas to show off their skill in creating elaborate coffee drinks and to create new recipes of their own. Being able to match the personality and taste buds of a customer to the right coffee drink is as important to them as pairing the correct wine with a meal is to a sommelier.

There’s one other area in which coffee snobs take brewing to an art, and that’s in the creation of literal coffee art. This involves using cream, milk, and foam to draw designs in the top of a cup of coffee. Some baristas are able to draw actual images in a mug while still others create beautiful layered drinks that are best shown off in a glass coffee cup.