Your New Crafting Business

craftsYou’ve started a new crafting business and are wondering what comes next.

Start with a review of what you’ve already done.  If you’ve missed any of these steps, you should go back and make sure you have everything in place before moving forward.

  • Picked a product that is marketable, has a consistent demand, and is distinctive from other similiar products
  • Priced your product to cover all your expenses (including insurance, tools, distribution, utilities, etc.) and provide you a salary for your time, but is still affordable to your customers.
  • Decided where to sell your products (online, at craft fairs, in local stores, setting up your own store front) and where you will create your products.
  • Obtained enough money or financing for your startup costs and to keep you solvent through the first few months.
  • Registered your business and paid for any required business licenses.
  • Set up bookkeeping, bank accounts, and obtained necessary merchant accounts for accepting credit card payments.

Now you’re ready for the next steps.

Market Your Business

Many crafters use websites such as etsy to sell their work. You may also want to build a standalone website, take advantage of social media sites like Pinterest to share photos of your products, and advertise through online directories or even search engine advertising to get the word out. You can also participate in craft shows, distribute your products through local stores, or use traditional forms of advertising such as leaflets, posters on bulletin boards, or sending out postcards.

Maintain Contact with Customers

It is vital in the crafting business that you collect whatever data you can from customers, including permission to send them notifications about your products from time to time.  This way you can send out an email announcement of appearances at craft fairs, send them notices about sales or new products or identify and reward repeat customers with special discounts or prizes.


The true joy of a crafting business is that you’re always creating new things. Whether it’s a new color combination or variation of a product or developing an entirely new item, you’re using your imagination and creative muscles to make something beautiful and useful that you can put in the hands of a grateful customer.

Article written by Steve Johnston who is an active Las Vegas blogger in the casino consultants, crafting, and travel industry.

photo by: ~MVI~ (warped)

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