Making Money, Making Scrapbooks and Making Smiles

Arts and crafts have long been a favored hobby for many people. There are various genres, mediums and surrounding themes, though for most people who participate regularly in these and similar activities, they are also considered to be rather therapeutic. There is something to be said for all sorts of creative expression, painting, writing, playing music and various other arts genres provide an emotional release for that is unique to the performer or player. In addition, the art of scrapbooking , collage creating and other similar crafts is just as or more satisfying for the participant. With this in mind, many people who have maintained these hobbies strictly based on personal satisfaction have no begun to expand their interests and some are even creating their own small businesses out of them. And for those that do, these scrap books become not only the creator’s form of self expression and income, they provide they provide the purchaser with a unique form of memory enjoyment and preservation. And you don’t necessarily need a personal loan to begin.

Of course not everyone who has a particular knack for beautiful scrap booking or mural design or other personally themed crafts that can be incorporated into our homes and lives. However, there are some extremely creative and talented people who are, and many of these individuals are not only sharing their work, but are also bringing in second incomes and sometimes even replacing their primary job altogether. And with the economy in its current troubled state, including all projected immediate futures, finding unique forms of income is an essential skill. In addition, most of us dream of making our talents come alive, or of owning our own business or some combination of both an this is just one of the ways to make this happen.

Another possible options for those individuals with a particular talent for scrap booking is to make videos, hold classes and workshops. You can arrange with specific organizations that can either pay you to come in and provide the class or you can hold your own and charge individual participants a specific amount. If you provide the bulk of the secondary materials this will contribute to the workshop as well as the inspiration and creativity on of the participants. In addition these classes can be an excellent social outlet for individuals of all ages, income levels and lifestyles.

With all of the changes that are occurring in all aspects of society some of these simple and traditional activities are remaining strong and even becoming more important to us. If you’re thinking of starting some kind of arts and crafts business, there are different funding sources available. Check out sites like to learn about the financial options.

iPad Video Converter Transfers Everything

It can be a little challenging to incorporate new technology every year. It seems that every year one has to find a new way to get all their electronic gadgets to work together. It is a rather time consuming task to get all of one’s audios, videos and photos loaded into the computer and transferred on to new phones and ipads. However today, there is some amazing new software to go along with the technology trend like the iPad Video Converter which can help you convert all your entertainment from different sources onto your ipad.

This software recognizes all types of video formats such as AVI, DivX, MOV, RM, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, ASF and RMVB. No matter where you draw your data from a good converter can change it into the format needed to run it on your new iPad.

Audio formats are also easy to convert. Take AC3, OGG, RA, WMA, MP2 and CDA and convert them to AIFF, AAC, WAV or MP3 with easy. It should be really easy to do but it may take some time to get the bulk of your collection converted. Then all you need to do is add in the new movies, music or photos and books as you go along.

So  get the most out of your old DVDs by using a great converter to get them into itunes for enjoyment on your new toy.

DIY Alternative Energy on the Rise

Now that hybrid cars have gone from fad to yesterday’s news, everyone wonders what the next big “green” thing will be? Will it be the new completely electric car? Or the installation of wind generators by businesses? Is it companies taking zero waste pledges? Or is it the rise in green collar jobs? Maybe there isn’t going to be “big thing” but simply the acceptance of all the little things that individuals and companies can do to reduce pollution, preserve natural resources, and invest in an eco-friendly future.

California is leading the country in most alternative energies. It has the largest solar industry, with many California solar companies specializing in installing solar panel systems in homes and businesses. Between investment in green companies and a strong program of tax incentives to encourage homeowners to switch to solar power, the former “hippie state” is set to be on the cutting edge for years to come.

Other states have followed suit with incentives to individuals for switching to wind or solar power. Many are working in cooperation with local utilities to provide rebates on energy-saving appliances for homes. Even the federal government has gotten into the act, offering tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows and doors in existing and new homes.

Hank Newell is a blogger who writes about alternative energy, home repair and home maintenance for sites like Virginia Beach Heating and Cooling as well as DIY blogs.