Tips for Off-Road SUV Excursions

Many of the SUVs that are on the market are today, although they are suited for the off road terrain, it is best to stay in the existing roadways.  This helps with not only protected one’s life, and one’s vehicle,  but the landscape and the environment as well.  There are a few tips for staying safe when venturing off into wilderness.  One tip is to make sure that the tires on the SUV are meant for off road abuse.  Cooper Tire has a wide selection of tires for use on four wheel drive, and they are rated as some of the safest discount tires in the industry.  In general, tire pressure should always be check before heading off-road.

One tip when taking the back roads is to be sure to be on the lookout for hikers, bicyclists and those on horseback.  Also free range livestock such as goats, sheep, or cattle can shock one as they seem to appear at the last moment and out of no where.  There are many resources on the Internet to check the weather conditions before heading out.  In the Southwestern deserts flash floods can happen at a moment’s notice, and can not only strand drivers, but are dangerous as well.

In cases wherein one will be pretty far off of the beaten track, it is best to let some one know when you are leaving, where you are going and when you plan to return.  Let them know that you will give them a call when you return home, and should you not place that call, give them the names and numbers of whom they should call.  It is always recommended that one wears their seat belt, some of the rougher patches and the washed out roads can create problems in controlling one’s vehicle.

Smooth roads can be deceiving as well, as it is very easy to get caught in sand or large amounts of fine dirt.  Should this happen, it is best to ease out slowly, as trying to push the vehicle will only serve to get the car more stuck and dug into the ground.  And always know the vehicles ground clearance so as to not become trapped in a straddle over a large boulder.  Four wheeling can be fun and exciting, it is just always wise to practice caution and to be prepared.

Lewis Nelson blogs frequently about traveling, cars, and racing on his own blog as well as sites like the one found here.