Shopping for tires

Any American who has a car ha bought some tires at some point. They are not exactly a cheap investment and there are so many different types and styles it can be difficult to decide what is best for your vehicle. It can be equally tempting to just go for the cheapest and multiply it by four. But tires have a negative effect on the environment because they are so costly to get rid of. Some can go into playground surfaces, but most have to be burned before their materials can be recycled.

Just like everything else has gone eco-friendly, so now too have car tires (click here to see examples). Yokohama has just introduced a tire that is made with 80 percent orange oil. Since orange oil is a renewable resource, the tire is seen as eco-friendly. Although, it is not yet known how the orange oil tires recycle. It is a start, and they are only being offered for hybrid vehicles as of right now. These are not available for truck wheels as of yet. But they do have options for commercial trucks.

Yokohama has really changed the market in terms of choices when it comes to tires. The state of California and the United States Government are looking to make the tires that are on the market more informative as well. They want to put labels on all tires so that consumers know how fuel-efficient their tires are. The problem is that consumers rarely see the packaging on their tires before they are put on the vehicle. The labels will be available online, but how many people are going to do that much extensive research before they purchase new tires for their car? That is the question these proposed labels are facing.

Tires are the most important part of you vehicle, not those giant truck rims. They are the only part that touches the road. Make sure you research before you buy and make a choice that will be good for today and tomorrow.